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YWAM Hawaii

Alycia speaking with a YWAM group

In May 2022, Alycia was at Youth with a Mission (YWAM) base in Kona, HI to speak with a student group of about 75 young people with a passion for evangelism. Over the course of the week, she and Matthew Mittelberg ran daily sessions as well as an evening Q & A that lasted two hours! They addressed topics such as sexuality, defending our faith in our modern world, history of apologetics (including understanding apologetics throughout scripture and church history), false gospels, and more.

What makes events like this so unique is that rarely do you get so many young people that are excited to share their faith with anyone in their context, whether that is somewhere overseas or even back home at their local university. You don’t have to find ways to stir up this crowd! It’s all about helping them understand the questions and answers that are a normal part of everyday evangelistic conversations so that they feel much better equipped in their evangelism.

While there, Alycia ran across a student she taught previously in October 2021. This student was on the verge of walking away from his faith. He was angry at God for certain acts of evil he’d seen in his life. Alycia reflects, “While we had the opportunity to sit down for an extended conversation in October, I was certain that after I left it would only be a matter of a few weeks before he walked away from God completely. Instead, I got a text message a few weeks later that he had wrestled with Christianity and concluded that the Christian God was real! Not long after, he spoke to a philosophy group at a university arguing, philosophically, for God and morality. He now feels called to start apologetics ministries at various churches around the country. Let’s see where God takes this young man!”