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Women in Apologetics

Xandra teaching

On the weekend of the Womens in Apologetics conference, ministry started before Kristy, Xandra, and Alycia even landed in Florida. On their flight, Xandra sat beside a man (we will call him ‘Ben’) who was taking his young daughter to Florida to celebrate her birthday. Ben said that he was not religious in any way but very interested in science. He and Xandra talked about some recent discoveries, and she shared with him the many reasons why she thinks the universe points to a Creator. Ben was very receptive, and they both learned a lot from each other. He is following Xandra on Instagram now so that his daughter can read her ‘awesome animal of the week’ posts. We hope they will also read some of Xandra’s posts about Jesus! Please pray for Ben.

After Xandra’s talk Can a Scientist Believe in the Resurrection, a young woman approached Xandra with some questions. We will call her ‘Kayla’. Kayla told Xandra that she was just entering graduate school in a scientific field and that she was really struggling because of her association with Christianity in a field where so few people are Christians. All her friends are non-Christian, and she’s not going to a church or small group of any kind. She has noticed her prayer life drying up, and she’s not spending time in the Word.

Kayla asked Xandra how she had managed to keep her faith through her time in graduate school. Xandra explained to Kayla that when she was her age, she did exactly what Kayla was doing, and Xandra explained to her where that led. Xandra said to her, “Kayla, trust me, that’s not a place you want to end up,” and she told her about the importance of fellowship and daily time in the Scripture and in prayer. Xandra and Kayla prayed together at the end of their discussion, and they are in contact so that she can reach out to Xandra if needed. Please pray for Kayla and that the Lord will strengthen and embolden her faith and bring her into a healthy Christian community.