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There Is No God, Right? | Video

Alycia Wood Matt Cotov

We’re taught that there is an eternal, all-powerful creator that loves us, but when we see all of the pain and suffering in the world, it’s easy to start to think that maybe there isn’t. That maybe we’re all alone, after all. But at Lighten, we believe that asking this question is only the beginning and that the Christian worldview is still compelling. Jesus offers us rest, clarity, and joy.

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Christianity, a sweet story that offers hope. It talks of a God who loved so much that He came to Earth to be with us and die for us. The Christian story is one of great excitement and affirmation, knowing that the God of the universe loves me and you. Or so they say.

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See, when I look around me, things look so different. Their Bible describes a God of hate. A monster. How could anyone worship Him? And look around you, there’s so much suffering and pain that could easily be stopped by a strong, all powerful, good God. Yet isn’t. And then when these followers of God, these Christians, who are supposed to model His good morals – all I see is hatred and vitriol. But there is a God, right?

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How else do we get here? And why do I feel like nature’s screaming to me to thank its creator for its beauty? So I went to a Christian seeking answers, but they told me I just need to trust God when the questions are too tough to answer. I went to another, and they said that we should just believe by faith. And then I tried one more person just for them to say I shouldn’t be asking these questions in the first place.

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But then I finally met people who are willing to have a conversation with me. They told me that there is no evidence for God. And I agree. They told me that if God existed, then prayers would be answered and suffering would end. And I agree. They told me that a good God wouldn’t send good people to hell just because they don’t believe in Him. And I agree.

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And so I’m more convinced now than before that the only path to follow is that of an intelligent, free-thinking person. It’s the only way it all makes sense. The pain. The emptiness. If God existed, there would be more answers. If God existed, this world would be such a different place. These people are right, and it’s blind and stupid to consider anything more than science and my own rational mind.

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While I once thought that there might be something out there, I see it now. I see things clearly. And so all of this, every ounce of this, has left only one possibility:

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There is no God, right?