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Rooted 2022

Rooted is a one-day conference that seeks to equip and embolden teens in the Boston area in the realm of apologetics. This year’s theme was The World or the Way? Lighten speakers Lou Phillips, Xandra Carroll, and Alycia Wood joined Matthew Mittelberg and Kasey Leander for the event.

During the event, there were two Q&A sessions where students could ask any question live. There were also two parent sessions to help parents learn how to navigate these topics with their teenagers. The topics for the talk this year include understanding worldviews, sexuality, the meaning of life, the relationship between science and faith, and politics and faith.

One of the adults at the conference told Lou that he had been greatly impacted by our Where We Begin podcast. Our challenges and encouragements actually prodded him to confess sin in his life and receive forgiveness that he had been desiring for years. It was beautiful to see how both the conference and our online presence are making an impact and guiding people towards discipleship and authenticity!