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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Xandra recently had the privilege of speaking to a local Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) chapter. The chapter comprises about 500 kids. The adult leader of this chapter organized a get-together with all the senior student leaders who are preparing to go away to university in the fall.

The seniors were eager to hear from Xandra about evangelism and apologetics. But as she was sharing with them, she had a sense that this was not what they needed to hear, even though it was what she had prepared. She put her notes down and said, “What are the questions on your heart? What would be helpful to you right now as you all prepare to go to college?”

Every single one of those kids opened up immediately. They went really deep into their fears, their hopes, and how to prepare for the challenges they will face in secular academia. The event was meant to end at 3 pm, and Xandra stayed until 4:15 pm.

One of the students lingered behind to ask her a personal question. He runs track, and he is the fastest kid in the state. He is becoming a bit famous, and it’s making him nervous. He talked to Xandra about his fears, about the pride that is seeping into his thought life. He is wrestling with the juxtaposition of competing well while at the same time being a humble servant of all. Xandra was blown away by this young man’s heart. She talked through a lot of the Scriptures with him, and at the end of their conversation, he told her he felt relieved.

The hostess of the event is organizing another meeting with Xandra and some more FCA leaders from other campuses. She looks forward to doing more training with them! Please pray for these seniors, that they might use the gifts God gives them to glorify the Lord.